The AGA cooker is 100 in 2022 - Happy Birthday to a Kitchen Icon!

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AGA R3 Series Cooker in Blush

AGA cooker archive advert 1920s  It’s difficult to think of another household appliance that is as loved as the AGA cooker and now we’re excited to let you know that it’s about to celebrate its centenary!Dr Gustaf Dalén

It’s hard to imagine the inventor of the AGA – Dr Gustaf Dalén – could have even dreamed of the success and longevity of the cooker he created for his wife when he was recuperating after being blinded in an industrial accident. Back in 1922, the Noble Prize-winning Swedish physicist would certainly not have been able to believe the technical advancements the AGA cooker has seen over the past few decades.

AGA eR3 cooker in Pearl AshesThe team at AGA has worked hard to keep the cooker as relevant for today as it was innovative at the time of its invention and AGA cookers now boast built-in flexibility, meaning you can turn on ovens and hotplates when you need them and off when you don’t.

Many of these new models have state-of-the-art induction hobs alongside the traditional AGA hotplates and there are models with a built-in grill and even an exciting outdoor collection. AGA cookers come in a variety of sizes – from the smallest at 60cm to the largest at 210cm – and a variety of colours, including the newest Olivine. There’s also a bespoke service meaning you can have an AGA in virtually any colour you choose.

Watch this space for further news on AGA 100.

AGA R7 Series in Dove