AGA Announces Bespoke Colour Matching Service

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AGA Bespoke Colour Service

If you’ve always fancied an AGA cooker to match the colour of your car, your sofa, a favourite jumper or pair of shoes or even your cat, you may be in luck – to celebrate the iconic cooker turning 95, AGA has announced it is to offer a bespoke colour matching service.

There are already 12 gorgeous colours to choose from, but AGA Bespoke offers the chance to create a shade that you’ll love and which will be unique to you.

Every AGA cooker is made in the UK and they are never spray-painted. Instead, they are coated in gleaming, vitreous enamel, which gives them their distinctive look and ensures their longevity.

The process means that every new colour needs to be tested for stability and so, sadly, not every shade will be available – but there will be such an array of colours there’s sure to be one for everyone.

And AGA Bespoke means you’re sure to come up with a colour that will make your cherished AGA cooker even more special to you.

AGA Bespoke Colour Service

To find out more about the AGA Bespoke colour service visit your local AGA shop, or call 0800 111 6477