Introducing Our Brand New Colour - Olivine

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AAG 7 Series in Olivine

Green is high on the trends agenda – from soft sage hues through to verdant forest shades –and among the most popular colours is olive.Olivine colour mood board

Over the past year many of us have embraced nature and the great outdoors more than ever before and perhaps it’sAGA R7 Series 100 in Olivine unsurprising then that we want to bring that sense of calm and balance into our homes by choosing to use green in our décor schemes. 

Olivine – the new colourway for both AGA and Rayburn range cookers – is truly versatile, meaning it will go with a whole host of shades, including pinks and bright reds, naturalAGA 7 Series cooker in Olivine with white cabinetry wood (from the lightest of oak to the darkest mahogany) as well as other greens and neutral shades such as creams, whites and greys. 

While olive is one of the top interiors colours for 2022, it is also timeless, meaning a cooker installed today in this shade will look fantastic for years to come. 
Available on most AGA models – from the smallest 60cm cooker through to the largest 210cm model – and all Rayburn models, the new Olivine shade will add a splash of gorgeous colour wherever it’s used. Rayburn cooker in Olivine