Alternatives to Turkey

Turkey isn't for everyone, take a look at some of our super alternatives for your Christmas dinner, from goose to vegetarian options. 

Mushroom wellington recipe
Mushroom Wellington

Deliciously rich, this mushroom wellington is perfect as part of a festive dinner or as a showstopper for a vegetarian Christmas dinner. 


Aubergine Moussaka
Aubergine Moussaka

Ideal for a meat-free festive menu, this filling dish is a delicious main meal or part of a selection of dishes. Mostly made from storecupboard ingredients, this dish freezes well and easily made in advance to reheat. 

Roasted Cauliflower Curry
Roasted Cauliflower Curry

This curry packs a flavourful punch but it isn't hot spicy, so most guests will enjoy. Make vegan by using coconut milk and coconut cream alternatives or add meat by replacing the chickpeas with chicken.⁠

Roast goose sat in front of an AGA in Dark Blue

While turkey is traditionally served on Christmas day, goose is becoming a more and more popular choice. With its rich, delicious flavour, goose makes a wonderful alternative for Christmas dinner.


Roast beef in the Portmeirion Roasting Tin
Roast Rib of Beef

Roast beef is also a popular choice for Christmas dinner in many homes. 

roast turkey or chicken
Alternative Turkey Roasts

If you're planning to cook any of the following, please see our guidance below.

•    Saddle of Turkey - (Two breasts of fillet meat, boned with wings inserted)
•    Butterfly Breast Turkey - (Two breasts of fillet meat)
•    Boned and Rolled Turkey - (White and dark meat)
•    Ballottine of Turkey - (Boned turkey with loin of pork and stuffing)
•    Turkey Stuffed - (with a Ham or Pheasant Breasts)
•    Boned Turkey - (Stuffed with Ox Tongue and Forcemeat)
•    Cockatrice - (Several birds of varying sizes, one inside each other)
•    Turducken - (A chicken inside a duck inside a turkey with sausagemeat stuffing)
•    Ten Bird Roast (The ultimate ‘Russian Doll’ assembly)

Unless expressly instructed otherwise in a specific AGA recipe, these are all best roasted in the AGA roasting or baking ovens by the fast or medium methods. Have the roasting tin on the lowest set of runners. Because they are so dense it is essential to ensure that they are thoroughly cooked right to the centre. The use of a meat thermometer is strongly recommended. The slow method is not suitable for these roasts and should not be used.