AGA Care Service Plan

The AGA Care Service Plan is the only AGA approved annual service and repair plan guaranteed to cover heat-storage AGA cookers, once they are out of the initial warranty period. 

It is vital to have your heat storage AGA cooker serviced regularly so that it continues to work efficiently for you for many years. By using the AGA Care Service Plan, you can feel safe that our AGA Care Engineers are fully trained and qualified and only authentic AGA parts will be used.

We will ensure that your heat storage AGA cooker has the correct number of services for its fuel type annually and replace any functional parts we think may fail before your next service as part of our policy of pre-emptive care. 

If the unexpected does happen and your AGA cooker stops working before your next service, we'll do our very best to get it going again with no additional bills to worry about.

To find out more about the AGA Care Service Plan please email 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is my AGA eligible for AGA Care?

All gas, oil and electric heat storage AGA cookers which are out of warranty and have a plan offered in their area are eligible under the AGA Care Service Plan, however, if your AGA is more than 15 years old, a health check will be required to ensure that it is in full working order and able to qualify.

Unfortunately, we are unable to extend the AGA Care Service Plan to solid fuel appliances or Rayburn models at this time.

What is covered by AGA Care?

Your AGA cooker will be covered for any electrical or mechanical breakdown of the appliance, including all call-outs, parts, materials, labour and VAT. You will also be covered for any scheduled service of the appliance as required at the manufacturer's recommended interval. 

What isn't covered by AGA Care?

  • Accidental damage
  • Known or pre-existing faults before the cover began
  • Electrical or mechanical breakdowns caused by the fitting of any accessory or failure to maintain or follow the manufacturer's instructions, including wilful neglect and general wear consistent with age and useage
  • Replacement of your AGA cooker if deemed beyond economical repair
  • Repairs of cosmetic items such as the enamelled top, front or lids
  • Converted appliances, excluding appliances that have benefited from an AGA Authentic Upgrade, which are eligible under the AGA Care Service Plan
  • Cover is not offered for Rayburn cookers, solid fuel appliances or AGA boilers

What is my AGA cooker can't be repaired?

If an AGA cooker is uneconomical to repair or if spare parts cannot be obtained, we will cancel the AGA Care Service Plan and refund any payments made on an annual or pro-rata basis.

How much does AGA Care cost?

  Under 5 Years Under 15 Years Over 15 Years
Fuel Type Monthly Fee Annual Fee Monthly Fee Annual Fee Monthly Fee Annual Fee
Gas £26.77 £321.24 £28.87 £346.44 £30.97 £371.64
Oil £57.75 £693.00 £60.38 £724.56 £62.47 £749.64
13-amp £15.75 £189.00 £15.75 £189.00 N/A N/A
3-oven Total Control £18.37 £220.44 £22.05 £264.60 N/A N/A
5-oven Total Control £20.47 £245.64 £24.57 £294.84 N/A N/A
3-oven Dual Control £10.50 £126.00 £22.05 £264.60 N/A N/A
5-oven Dual Control  £12.60 £151.20 £34.57 £294.84 N/A N/A
3-oven Dual Control Gas £26.77 £321.24 £28.87 £346.44 N/A N/A
5-oven Dual Control Gas £26.77 £321.24 £28.87 £346.44 N/A N/A
AGA 60 £15.75 £189.00 N/A N/A N/A N/A
30-amp £28.35 £340.20 £37.80 £453.60 £39.90 £478.80
Module £6.30 £75.60 £10.00 £120.00 £11.00 £132.00

Important information about AGA Care


  • AGA Care Service Plan is a 12-month service and repair plan provided by AGA Rangemaster
  • AGA Care Service Plan covers gas, electric and oil heat-storage AGA cookers
  • Freestanding and Integrated AGA Modules that are no longer in their warranty period can also be covered
  • Converted or reconditioned AGA range cookers are not eligible for AGA Care Service Plan
  • AGA cookers must be in working order at the time of enrolment and remain within economical repair at all times
  • If your AGA cooker has not been serviced by AGA within the recommended service schedule for your appliance, your AGA cooker will be required to undergo a mandatory health check prior to AGA Care enrolment 
  • Some older AGA models may require burner upgrade work to qualify and this will be identified during the health check
  • Service intervals will be set in accordance with AGA recommendations for each fuel type
  • Monthly charges vary by age and fuel type, and are payable monthly by direct debit only
  • AGA care is available in selected postcodes throughout the UK.
  • A small, additional premium will be applied to cover cookers inside the M25
  • AGA Care is designed to maintain the functional aspects of your AGA cooker and, therefore, does not cover any cosmetic issues
  • The pre-emptive replacement of parts is entirely at our discretion
  • AGA Care Service Plan cover is not transferable to another property or cooker but may be transferred to a new owner of any property where cover is provided.

The full terms and conditions of the AGA Care Service Plan can be found here