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The electric AGA Dual Control 100% AGA, up to half the running costs


The new electric AGA Dual Control is everything you love about the AGA cooker, but with added flexibility and muchreduced running and servicing costs..

An AGA Dual Control within a kitchen

The AGA Dual Control looks much like a traditional AGA cooker and - just like the traditional model - the cast-iron ovens are always available for use, creating that indefinable AGA warmth.

However, with an AGA Dual Control the ovens feature anew low energy setting and can also be switched off completely.

What's more, the two hotplates can be turned on and off independently, meaning you can make a reduction in the overall heat input into the room from the cooker when desired and, inturn, reduce running costs. The boiling plate and simmering plate can be operated at the turn of a switch via the discrete control panel and so are on when you need them and off when you don't.

The AGA Dual Control Panel

Not only does the AGA Dual Control cook using the same principles as a traditional AGA - using indirect radiant heat - but it can also cost up to 50% less to run than a 13-amp electric AGA cooker.

Available in 12 stunning colours - including the new Aqua - the AGA Dual Control is perfect for those who love good food, a stylish, cosy kitchen and the benefits of reduced running and servicing costs.

Key features and benefits:

Independently operated hotplates - both the simmering plate and the boiling plate can be operated singly or together

The ovens, which operate together, can be switched off completely when required

The low energy setting is a new feature on the ovens - they can be turned down to further reduce energy consumption and running costs*

Reduced ambient warmth provided at low energy setting

Faster heat-up times from when the ovens have been at their low energy setting

3-oven and 5-oven models available

* Low energy setting does not apply to the slow cooking and warming ovens on the 5-oven model

An AGA within a modern kitchen is pictured

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