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The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013


The indomitable Mrs Moneypenny returns to her AGA kitchen at the Festival fringe for the month of August. Destined to talk to over 1,300 people she is giving 27 shows in 21 days from the AGA showroom in Frederick Street. Mrs Moneypenny relates hilarious and at times provocative tales of her life, loves and literary challenges helped along by AGA tastings and the attendance of one or more of her cost centres (her children).

Mrs Moneypenny is a successful business woman, financial guru, FT journalist, TV celebrity of Super Scrimpers fame, radio and TV adviser for financial matters, such as Radio 4, Woman's Hour, Today programme, wife of over 20 years to the same man, Mr M, and mother of three sons, and an AGA owner.

Thursday 1st August Rehearsal Day

Mrs Moneypenny is pictured within a Garden

Mrs M arrives looking casual and glam, hot foot from Waverley station after a 5.00am start, together with the cost centres. Straight down to work on a tight schedule and a dry run-through rehearsal. Mrs M is thrilled by popcorn cooked on the AGA Simmering Plate, great hilarity.

Who is the pink lady? I think a regular conflab between the two will become tweetable. (I must confess I've already sent two!)

Yes as Mrs M's 'support act' for two weeks I've been 'up and close' to Edinburgh's 4 oven white AGA. Today means getting ahead for first show tomorrow. Make up some blue meringues - 30 on Bake-O-Glide placed on a cold plain shelf.

The Edinburgh Streets are pictured

The 2013 festival will see 2,871 shows performed by 24,107 artists in 273 venues. Above gives you an insight into the huge numbers of people - this above is just a small representation of the queue for the Edinburgh Tattoo.

Dawn Roads

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