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New app means you can remotely operate your AGA iTotal Control cooker wherever you are!


AGA iTotal Control is picturedIf you grew up in the 70s, it was tempting to imagine the home of the future would be decidedly space age, with robots running everything and us sitting back doing very little. This, of course, isn't quite how things turned out - but things are getting decidedly more techie in the kitchen.

AGA has taken things a step further by launching an app for its new AGA iTotal Control cooker.

This clever innovation will allow AGA owners to control their cookers from wherever they are, using a standard mobile phone, smartphone, PC, laptop, iPad or tablet. The AGA iTotal Control cooker's three ovens are remotely operated, so you can ensure the cooker is warm and supper is cooked at exactly the time you need it - wherever you are in the world. Essentially, you can sync your AGA at the touch of a button.

Those AGA iTotal Control owners who don't have a smartphone, tablet or laptop can still take advantage of this technical revolution - simply by sending a text message to the AGA. You just tell the cooker via an SMS text message which oven you want activated and it will respond by letting you know it has been switched on or off.

The AGA can also be controlled via the web, so even if you have no phone signal you can use a wireless network to ensure the cooker is doing exactly what you want it to.

Everyone knows AGA food tastes better and now however hectic your life is, the world's most famous cooker works for you.Itotal Control News1

Using your AGA iTotal Control

Each AGA iTotal Control has a dedicated SIM card linked to a unique phone number. Once your cooker is installed, you should save this number into your phone. When you wish to operate it remotely, simply send by SMS text message one of the following commands:
- Roasting oven on
- Baking oven on
- Simmering oven on
- All ovens on
- All zones off
Once the text has been sent you will receive a reply saying, for example, 'roasting oven on activated'.

The app can be downloaded from Apple's app store or the Android Marketplace. You will then be directed to a screen which mimics your cooker's control panel. This will show each of the ovens, as well as symbols for all ovens on and all zones off. You then simply use the touch-screen facility to select the option you require. A message will flash on the screen saying, for example, 'baking oven on activated'.

You can also register on a dedicated website, which will allow you to control your AGA iTotal Control from a laptop, desktop PC or mobile device. The process from then on is exactly the same as when using the app

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The AGA Total Control cooker compatible with the new app costs £10,190 and will be available from June 1. The app is available via iTunes, the Android App store and from an AGA website, the details of which are given to customers purchasing an AGA iTotal Control cooker.

AGA Lady rider Claire Hart wins AGA iTotal Control cooker – take a look to see her turn it on remotely for the first time.

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