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Mrs Moneypenny's kitchen for the month of August


Audience today called themselves 'Middle England' although we had visitors from Germany and USA. I'm sure Mrs Moneypenny suspected I had planted AGA lovers in the front row - I hasten to say they were bone fida visitors who had (I thought) very intelligent questions; what oven are you using, can we look in the AGA 'fridge. Mrs M gently chided too much 'product placement' ladies!

AGA baked meringues at the event

Our cream 4 oven AGA in the cookery theatre, or Mrs M's kitchen for the month of August, as expected performs perfectly on each occasion. Meringues are being produced in most colours representing colours in the flags of the visitors.

Thirty meringue nests per plain shelf is an amazing number, especially if you are catering for numbers. Filled with crème fraiche, as a change from whipped cream and topped with fresh fruit certainly go down well. Tropical variations are sprinkled with freeze dried mango.

Event attendees are pictured

Apart from cooking up amazing food the AGA kitchen has many more uses, it is a social hub, people magnet and here is Mrs M catching up on her emails - I wonder if this is Saturday's FT column?

Dawn Roads

Signing off from the Edinburgh fringe

Social Networks with AGA

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