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Lady AGA on song in entertaining new blog


Lady AGA is pictured

AGA is thrilled to announce the launch of its new blog - The World According to Lady AGA.

As well as posting recipes, AGA cooking tips, guest blog posts, news and, of course, uniting AGA owners across the world, Lady AGA will also be indulging in a little sociology by offering a tongue-in-cheek, sideways glance at the different types of AGA owners she has met.

From the Ex-Pat who will only move countries if she can take an AGA with her to the Rock Chick who has given up touring to stay at home and bake cakes, each week you'll find a new pen portrait to enjoy.

Lady AGA will also be encouraging readers to do a little AGA spotting by telling her where and when you have seen an AGA on TV, mentioned on the radio or in a magazine, book, newspaper, blog or anywhere else of interest.

AGA cookers are well known for reviving lambs and hatching eggs, but Lady AGA has learned this is not all they can do. From bringing tortoises out of hibernation to providing a warm sleeping place for a baby owl, animals everywhere want to take their place in front of the AGA.

It's with this in mind that Lady AGA is - with the help of readers - trying to build up an A-to-Z of animals that have been nurtured or incubated by or in the AGA. She wants to build up an entire list - from the aardvark to the zebra.

You'll find the new blog from Lady AGA at:

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