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Heat is on as former Para aims to run the London marathon pulling an AGA cooker!


The team at AGA get a lot of strange requests, but none quite as odd as the one that came from City of London police officer Pete Digby, who got in touch saying he wanted to run the London marathon pulling an AGA cooker.

Pete, 41, is known for his passion for running marathons with domestic appliances and has already done so with an 80lb washing machine strapped to his back. Another year he carried a 50lb fridge.

It has always been his aim to complete the trio of domestic appliances with a cooker and wanted it to be showstopping. That's why he chose to run pulling along an AGA cooker which weighs in at an extraordinary 40 stone (250kg). Former Para Pete - who is running to raise funds for the Afghanistan Trust - expects to finish the marathon within about seven hours and hopes his efforts will boost the trust's funds by around £10,000.

William McGrath, Chief Executive of AGA said: "AGA cookers have been seen in the most extraordinary places, from the headquarters of a landmark exhibition in the South Pole to a castle in China, but somehow nothing quite as unexpected as this. We wish Pete the very best of luck and really look forward to seeing him compete."

A harness has been specially designed to make sure the weight of the cooker is well distributed and Pete will also be running with a 'brake man' to ensure he can stop quickly if required. Pete said: "I'm really looking forward  to this challenge. I have become known for running with  white goods and having done so with a  fridge and a washing machine. A cooker was the next obvious choice. I wanted it to be extra special and also extra challenging, which is why I chose an iconic AGA cooker."

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