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Edinburgh Fringe Festival with Mrs Moneypenny


Two shows today, our first double. Great excitement as Sandi Toksvig sat in on the 12.30 session. She is up at the festival with her solo show 'My Valentine' 3rd -11th August at the Pleasance Grand, celebrating the publication of her novel, Valentine Grey. Cost Centre #1, Mrs M's first born took this great picture, Rob you are a man of many talents.

Dawn and Sandi are pictured at the event

Mrs M was on great form again today and the audience were enthralled with the American shooting anecdote - loved the orange hat! With USA visitors in the audience Mrs M flagged my special mixing of triple chocolate brownies with 'posh' chocolate. Chocolatey buttons from Hotel Chocolat melted on the Warming Plate of our 4 oven (the gentle heat means the chocolate becomes beautifully liquid, without 'seizing' - that is a term meaning the chocolate does not harden and clump).

The demonstration event is pictured

Tomorrow Mrs M takes to The Assembly Rooms for her Mrs Moneypenny's Money Clinic Live with several prominent guests, before her show back at AGA at 16.00. I'm going to be there at The Assembly Rooms to pick up any financial hints and tips, although how good would I be as a super scrimper?


Dawn Roads

Almost live from the Edinburgh fringe Festival.

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