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Daisy Lowe and Lucy Young join AGA at the AGA Festival 2015


Daisy Lowe FestivalThe first ever AGA Festival took place yesterday, Sunday 20th September, and was a huge hit. With a mix of inspirational speakers, guest exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, it was a great day out for all who attended. 

Among the guest speakers was supermodel Daisy Lowe, who took time from out from London Fashion week to talk about food and family. She said: "My family are always taking the mickey out of me because Im a model and yet I love food so much. But I think it is one of the greatest pleasures life offers us. I have always rather cooked than go out. I am a great fan of being at home in front of the fire with something Ive cooked. But once in a while I do go out" she joked.

She revealed her favourite food to be cottage pie followed by her own healthy version of sticky toffee pudding.  Daisy also revealed that her mother is a big influence on her when it comes to food. 

She said: "She is the reason I bake as much as I do. I had an AGA growing up and my book, Sweetness & Light, came about because my mother said I should share my recipes. Every one was tested on the AGA."

It wasnt all food talk, though. Daisy also chatted about some of the interesting people she has met during her modelling career. Among them was U2 frontman Bono. Daisy said: "He must be the most extraordinary man Ive ever met. He has a kind of stormy grace and whoever he is talking to is made to feel as if they are at the centre of the universe.

Another highlight of the day was a first look at The Complete AGA Cookbook, by Mary Berry and Lucy Young. Visitors were lucky enough to be able to get their hands on a hot-off-the-press copies four days before the official publication date. Lucy who has been Mary Berrys assistant for 25 years chatted on stage about life in the kitchen and how she secured what she described as her dream job.

She said: "I just got lucky. I did go to school at some point, but I was always being banned from actual lessons because I was always messing about. Mary is amazingly supportive. She is like a second mum to me. She is so fair, honest and generous. The hugely popular star of The Great British Bake Off has had mishaps, though. Lucy revealed how once Mary baked a chocolate cake to give to Graham Norton live on his TV show only to see her creation eaten by one of her dogs. 

Other speakers at the event at Londons Royal Geographical Society included Olivia Wollenberg of Livias Kitchen. An exponent of healthy eating, she said people should concentrate not on what foods are free from but what they are made with."

The line-up at the inaugural AGA Festival was completed by international designer Kathryn M Ireland, cookery writer Amy Willcock and Heather McGregor, the name behind the Financial Times Mrs Moneypenny column. 

Eileen Slattery of AGA said: It was a great event. It was lovely to meet so many AGA owners and to have such interesting and inspirational speakers. We wanted to bring AGA lovers from across the world together to enjoy of fun day of talks and it was very exciting to hear what they all had to say."   




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