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AGA Cook Shop – the kitchen’s best-kept secret


Every item in the AGA Cook Shop Collection is crafted to get the very best from your AGA cooker and has been thoroughly tested to ensure peerless performance…

If cooking is your passion, you'll want to get the very best out of your AGA. And that means investing in cookware designed by experts. Investing in the best cookware is vitally important if you are to get the best from your cooker. That's why every item of cookware from AGA Cook Shop has been thoroughly tested for performance and quality.

Saucepans and casseroles are engineered with heavy, thermal bases for maximum efficiency and have unique lid designs, which allow for easy stacking in both oven and cupboard. The Swiss-manufactured AGA stainless steel saucepans and casseroles have a base profile designed to move down towards the heat source to make perfect contact with the hotplate.

AGA Saucepans are pictured

AGA Cook Shop's stunning kettles have ground bases for faster boiling. Durability is the key with cast-iron cookware, which features the beautiful enamel finish for which AGA is so well known.

Items from the lightweight cast aluminium collection offer even heat distribution and come with removable handles so they can be used inside the hottest ovens.

The AGA Berndes cast aluminium range, with a ceramic coating, is exclusive to AGA shops. The coloured stainless steel sauce pot is exclusively designed with a stacking lid, pouring lip and ergonomic handle. The lid ensures you can place sauces in the warming oven and prevent them from spoiling. The stainless steel buffet pan is designed for best use of the hotplate, giving 30cm of cooking surface. The skillet lid gives the pan dual use as it can be used independently from the pan base.

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High quality bakeware is an AGA essential and the range of heavy-duty designs is useful for both heat-storage and conventional cookers. Cooking times are shortened, while ensuring even and dependable browning. The collection includes cast-iron baking dishes in AGA colours, baking tins and baking trays. AGA Cook Shop has designed the ceramic Portmeirion roasting dishes and baking trays to fit on the runners of the AGA ovens, ensuring maximum capacity and no need to use shelves.

Maximum protection is ensured with a range of gorgeous textiles that not only look great, but also feature a protective grease and steam barrier. The traditional gauntlets are 44cm in length to protect the arms when reaching into the deep AGA ovens. AGA cork mats are designed to fit at the back of the AGA top plate for placing pans and bowls on, thereby protecting the enamel surface.

Sometimes an item from the AGA Cook Shop Collection will simply make life in the kitchen more enjoyable or a little more fun - something, perhaps, from our range of children's textiles or one of our charming AGA Saga mugs.

AGA Cook Shop, then, has everything for every AGA cooker and every AGA cook. But that shouldn't come as a surprise - we're the cookware experts, with cast-iron pans having been made in our foundry for the past 300 years.

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