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The 'Downsizers' image is picturedONCE UPON A TIME there was a couple who lived in an enchanted forest in Hampshire. They had lived there for years and raised their three children in bucolic bliss. Once the children left home, however, they began to miss them and longed also for the bright lights of the city. So, one day, they took the train to London and found a gorgeous little mews cottage that fit them perfectly.

After much de-cluttering – the house in Hampshire was three times the size of the new one – moving day finally arrived. They loved London and marvelled about how they had lived for so long without a coffee shop on the corner and museums and galleries only a few stops away on the tube. But there was one thing that made them very sad indeed – the downsizing had meant they had to leave behind their old AGA cooker. There simply wasn’t the space. It wasn’t only them who missed it. Their miniature wire-haired dachshund went into a decline and when the children hopped on the bus to visit, they too felt it wasn’t quite like home without an AGA.

One of them, the youngest in fact, quickly found a solution. While reading the paper on the way home from work, she noticed a piece about the brand new AGA City60 and realised it was exactly what her parents needed. She emailed a link to her mother, who wept with joy, and then telephoned the newly opened AGA shop in London's Spital Square to order one. ‘A pink AGA?’ her husband asked when he returned home that evening. ‘Why, yes,’ she replied. ‘Just think of the Sunday lunches.’

Ever since that day, the couple, their children and the dog have lived happily ever after…

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