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AGA City60...The Chef


The AGA chef image is picturedONCE UPON A TIME there was a brilliant chef who spent hours and hours in a shiny silver restaurant kitchen. He cooked all day and late into the night and made dreams come true with his delicious and inventive dishes.

He lived in a flat, high in the sky, next to the Thames and loved to gaze out over the river as he stood by his stove, cooking for his friends and his new love. One thing, however, made him very unhappy indeed. Although his kitchen was stocked with the slickest of gadgets, he hated the slot-in cooker that had come with the flat. The rings were tiny – he struggled to fit pans on them – and the fan ovens blasted his food with direct, drying heat, meaning the flavour just somehow disappeared. It felt like a curse, as if he could only create magical food at the restaurant, but never at home.
Then, one day, he received an invitation that was to change his life. It was to a cookery demonstration at the newly opened AGA shop in Spital Square. Our hero had never cooked on an AGA before and was curious to learn how they worked. He never imagined he could have one with his flat being somewhat bijoux. But when he arrived he was amazed to see food being cooked on an AGA exactly the same size as his own small cooker at home – the brand new AGA City60.
He was enraptured and ordered one there and then. On the day it arrived, he invited his amour for dinner. He cooked his world-famous osso buco and they were in food heaven. They declared their undying love for each other and, every night after that, they cooked happily ever after…

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