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AGA ‘rubs the dark clouds away’ with new online campaign


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The new online campaign – AGA Polishes the Sun – suggests, highly appropriately, in the gloomy wet days of January that the AGA 'rubs the dark clouds away'…

It's difficult to feel sunny when being pounded by rain and blown around by gales, but AGA intends to change this by making January a much more cheerful month. This month the company launches its first video ad. The film – which features music by Noel Gay – is designed to show exactly what life is like with the world's bestloved cooker and how this beautiful, practical and tactile cooker can really change the way you live.

The film features an AGA Total Control – one of the new generation AGA cookers that are fully programmable to enable running costs from £5 per week. The 60-second film – by renowned advertising film director Alex Telfer, who has also produced work for the likes of Guinness, Baxters, Seven Seas and ScotRail – features the 1930s song Who's Been Polishing the Sun? by Noel Gay. It was during the 1930s that the AGA cooker first made its mark in Britain.

The song, which featured at a pivotal moment in the award-winning British movie The King's Speech, is one of many well-known hits from the prolific songwriter, who also wrote The Lambeth Walk and Run, Rabbit Run, as well as many other popular tunes of the time.

A particularly cheerful line from the song is 'everything's coming my way' and to tie in with the theme of the refrain AGA has launched a prize draw for those who want learn more about life with an AGA cooker.

All you have to do is visit the AGA website, watch the new film and register your interest. Everyone who registers will receive a free copy of AGA Living magazine and will be entered into a prize draw to win a brand new AGA cooker.

And if you buy before 8th February there's further good news with up to 20% off selected AGA cookers – ensuring there's something to cheer us all up during these chilly weeks.

William McGrath, AGA Chief Executive, said: "AGA Polishes the Sun captures the sheer range of the AGA food repertoire. Alex Telfer's work illustrates perfectly how AGA is central to modern life."

Director Alex Telfer said: "It was clear when AGA approached me that they wanted a really beautiful film which showed off the cooker with style and panache. "For my part, it was great to be working with one of the UK's most famous and iconic brands."

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Watch the new film from AGA here.

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