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A new AGA cooker that is on when you need it and off when you don’t


Some things in life are a given. Chocolate makes you fat. The good-looking ones let you down. You can never get a taxi in the rain. An AGA is always on.

But there is another given - things change.

While we can't offer you calorie-free chocolate, an abundance of taxis or even a perfect romance, we can offer you something completely new.

An AGA you can switch on and off as you please.

An AGA in use is pictured

From the outside, AGA Total Control looks exactly like a classic AGA cooker. But underneath its sleek cast-iron exterior lies a state-of-the-art touchscreen control panel.

And it's this new technology that enables owners to operate the cooker in a way that suits them. Each of the three ovens and two hotplates can be operated independently - or together.

AGA Total Control can, for example, be fully on during chilly winter evenings, but on a balmy night in July perhaps only one hotplate will be used to cook a light supper. And with rapid heat-up times, it really is very flexible.

AGA Total Control will appeal to a whole new generation - those who are at work all day, but want an AGA kitchen, and who appreciate both the
design values and great food for which the AGA is famous.

The AGA Total Control display is pictured

Imagine coming home to a cozy kitchen safe in the knowledge that you haven't been using energy while you've been out at the office all day. Imagine the most delicious food, cooked using the AGA cooker's unique radiant heat. Now imagine you actually switched on the AGA just 45 minutes ago.

Since its invention almost a century ago, the AGA cooker has become an icon. Loved by millions all over the world and revered for its design, it is more than just a cooker. It is a way of life. The result of years of research and development, AGA Total Control is the next generation of AGA cookers. Its innovative features ensure that it is absolutely relevant to life in the 21st century. Available in 11 beautiful colours - and with great food as a given…

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