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Questions to ask before buying a renovated AGA cooker

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2-oven AGA in Pearl Ashes

Before you purchase a reconditioned AGA cooker, we recommend that you ask the following questions. 

How the reconditioned AGA works
  • Has the cooker been converted to burn a different fuel? If converted, does the cooker have automatic thermostatic control?
  • Have genuine AGA parts been used to replace worn parts?
  • Has the AGA cooker and flue got the appropriate mandatory approval?
  • Have the installers added any asbestos components? 

Be aware: The insulation may not be up to specification as there may be a loss through leakage or settlement. Loss of insulation means that the AGA cooker will be hotter to the touch and more heat will be emitted into the kitchen.

Why buy new? All new AGA cookers have been made to order with genuine components, which have been approved and tested to the latest British and European standards. 

  • How old is the reconditioned AGA?

Be aware: it may be that you are paying out thousands of pounds to get a cooker that is already 40 years old. 

Why buy new? All new AGA cookers are made to order at our factory in Shropshire.

  • How has the enamel been renovated?
  • What is the finish? Is it painted or vitreous enamelled?
  • Have parts been replaced or just cleaned up and painted? 

Be aware: If the enamel has been dipped in acid and there are small chips in the enamel the acid gets under them and within a few months the enamel may chip off.

Why buy new? All new AGA cookers have a high gloss vitreous enamel finish, which takes up to three days to complete. This is hygienic, durable and easy to clean.

Other questions
  • What warranty do you get?
  • What cooking accessories or equipment, if any, are supplied with the cooker?
  • Does the dealer service AGA cookers?
  • Are the installers fully AGA trained?
  • Are the engineers GAS SAFE / OFTEC registered? This is a legal requirement.
Be aware of hidden charges
  • Is there a charge for delivery?
  • Do you deliver into the kitchen?
  • Is there a charge for assembly?
  • Is there an extra charge for different colours? 




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