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Louise Walker

Louise Walker is pictured

How long have you been an AGA demonstrator?

16 years.

What do you love about cooking on an AGA?
Instant heat, a cosy kitchen, reliability, using the floor of the roasting oven for so much cooking. No smells and easy cleaning.

What's your best AGA tip?
Get to know your AGA as you would any other domestic appliance and then love your AGA. Go on an AGA cookery course or to a demonstration and learn to get the most from your AGA.

What dems do you have coming up?

  • Cook to Impress: Sit down with a piece of paper and plan ahead and keep it simple. Make the most of local, seasonal food.
  • Meat-free cooking: What a chance to become inventive with all the new seasonal fruit and vegetables.
  • Baking: This really is easy when you know how to use your AGA and how to use the cold shelf. Don't be tempted to bake bread too near the top of the roasting oven, bake near the bottom of the oven and allow it to cook through while it gets a crisp crust.

What's the best bit about your dems?
When a customer tells me I have inspired them to try a new food or have a go at cooking.

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