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Jean Jones

How long have you been an AGA Demonstrator?

15 years.

What do you love about cooking on an AGA?
Excluding the obvious answer (good food) I love cooking on the AGA because it's always ready and there's no need to think about temperatures - also no need to clean the oven afterwards.

What's your best AGA tip?
The best tip that I give new AGA owners is to forget temperatures and think 'time' instead - how soon you want to eat dictates which oven is used. Anything in the roasting oven must be watched, while anything in the simmering oven will take twice as long as usual to cook but can remain there for much longer without spoiling.

What dems do you have coming up?
I will be doing a 'fish and veg' dem soon in Inverness to illustrate the AGA is not just for roasts and casseroles – this will include flavours from around the world.

The Christmas dems later in the year will show how to manage a traditional lunch with extras. And the most important tip is to start the turkey early and have it resting leaving the roasting oven free to cope with the roast potatoes and all the extras which need high temperatures

What's the best bit about your dems?
The best bit about the dems is audience participation - many hints and tips can be picked up even from quite new owners. Also the questions asked can be a real help to new and potential owners who may not be at the stage when they know which questions to ask.

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