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There are lots of different models, how do I know which is the best one for me?

The most important thing to understand is that all cast iron AGA cookers cook using radiant heat so no matter which model you choose, you get the same great tasting food, see how here.

Traditionally all AGA cookers – no matter what the fuel – were designed to constantly provide a gentle background warmth in the kitchen and were always ready to cook on, whether first thing in the morning or in the middle of the night.  Those traditional models are still available and may be the right model for you, if you have a large kitchen that can be cold at times, are in the house for long periods of time or have a lifestyle that means the times you want to cook often vary.

We know that lots of our customers live in more modern, well insulated homes these days and that often, whilst you may be in (and want to cook) quite a lot at the weekend, during the week you are out much more and feel that heating an empty kitchen would be a waste.

We also know that lots of our customers live in more modern, well insulated homes these days. Often, whilst you may be in and want to cook quite a lot at the weekend, during the week when you are out much more you may feel that heating an empty kitchen would be a waste. If this feels more like you, then the AGA Total Control may be the cooker for you. Designed so that you can turn every oven and hotplate on and off separately, it can be turned on manually and takes about an hour to come up to full working temperature. It also has a built in 7 day timer so you can preset the ovens to come on a different times every day if you want. This cooker can be purchased to be controlled via an App (AGA iTotal Control) from a phone, tablet or PC - making it the most flexible cooker in the AGA family if background heat isn’t an everyday requirement and for the majority of the time you just want the AGA on when you are ready to cook. Make sure you discuss the App in store if you think this option may well work for you.

If that feels just a little bit too high- tech for you, then the AGA Dual Control is a good mix of the two and is right for lots of customers. The ovens operate in the same way as the traditional AGA cooker, normally these are kept at their working temperature, ready for immediate use. The hotplate technology is different and is similar to that found on the top of the AGA Total Control: you turn either or both of the hotplates on as and when you need them. You get slightly reduced heat into the kitchen throughout the year and the ability to turn the ovens off and just use the hot plate if you want it.

What is the right number of ovens for you really depends on how big your kitchen is, how many people you cook for regularly and your budget. Come and see a demonstration in your local store to help decide which size AGA is right for you.

Finally, if space is tight then the AGA 60 may be the right cooker for you. It combines the on/off oven capability of the Total Control with the Hotplate from a Dual Control; all in the space of a slot-in cooker.

Our Shop teams nationwide are experts at helping customers to find the right model for them and they can be contacted on 0845 712 5207.


How much does it cost to run an AGA cooker?

Control Panel

The traditional AGA has one relatively small heat source that works by saturating the cast iron in heat. As you cook the AGA uses the heat in the cast iron and the heat source supplies more heat to replace what has been used. It is an efficient way to cook but the traditional AGA is designed to be run continually and the cost of running depends on how much cooking you do (and therefore how much of the stored heat you use).

The AGA Dual Control, AGA Total Control and AGA 60 are designed to be flexible to suit your lifestyle. The AGA Total Control and AGA City60’s ovens and hotplate(s) can be switched on and off independently, meaning the AGA only works hard when you want it to. The AGA Dual Control also features hotplates that can be turned on and off as required. This allows the AGA owner to control how much energy the cooker is using.

All three models have had 3rd party testing on an average weekly set menu to demonstrate how much energy is used per week. You can view these tests on the individual product’s webpage under the ‘energy consumption’ tab. Bear in mind that they are designed to be a guide and the costs of running will vary depending on how much cooking you do, how long you leave each part of the AGA on and what price you pay for your fuel.

For the specific running costs of all the AGA range of cookers, see our Running Costs page. 

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