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Why should I invest in an AGA cooker?

Speak to any AGA owner and they'll wax lyrical about their cooker's qualities; its warmth, convenience and, of course, the superb cooking results. An AGA cooker has longevity built-in and is an investment that will last for generation. Its life-span is typically more than three times longer than a conventional cooker. 

In an AGA home (depending on the model you choose) you may never need a toaster, electric kettle, bread maker or tumble drier – your AGA cooker can do it all, and better. And with fewer appliances, your kitchen is less cluttered, as well as providing the opportunity to save on your home energy costs. Superior cooking performance and exceptional engineering is only part of the reason why an AGA cooker is such a good investment. The whole family will want to gather around the AGA cooker's gentle warmth and when everyday jobs such as the laundry and ironing need doing, its radiant heat will provide an invaluable helping hand.

Should you come to sell your home, the AGA is one of the few cookers that gets a name check in the Estate Agent’s details. It helps to sell your home to potential buyers.

To discover more about how an AGA cooker works and its many features, take a look at How an AGA cooker works or discover our 10 reasons to fall in love.

Do I need an additional cooker, as well as an AGA cooker?

An AGA cooker can do everything a conventional cooker can do, and better. In the past, an AGA owner with a smaller or south facing kitchen may have wanted the option of turning their AGA off for the hottest weeks of the year, in which case a second cooker may well have been required.

If the AGA adding heat to the kitchen in the Summer is a concern to you, there is an AGA designed especially for you. The AGA Dual Control has a higher level of insulation than some of our traditional models and the ovens and top are controlled separately; meaning you can turn one part off and still use the other, reducing the heat coming into the kitchen.

The AGA Total Control is designed so that each oven and plate can be turned on just when you need it. With fast heat up times, it means minimal heat coming into the kitchen in Summer if you need that. At other times of the year, you can either leave the cooker on Slumber to give a continuous gentle background heat or leave various zones on full for longer periods to ensure you are immediately ready to cook.

Both these models can also enjoy lower running costs than the equivalent traditional model but still produce the great tasting food AGA owners rave about.

Of course, we understand that you have to choose the cooker that best fulfils the demands of your family life. If you have a very busy kitchen and would like the added versatility of additional cooking space, you can choose a matching AGA Module to complement your AGA cooker, either integrated or freestanding.

Cooking on an AGA cooker takes a little getting used to, therefore before making a decision on whether to choose an additional cooker, why not visit one of our AGA Demonstrations? It'll give you a better understanding of just what you can achieve on your AGA cooker.

From quick stir-fries through to elaborate soufflés, the AGA excels at every style of cooking, including grilling, roasting and simmering. Find out about the AGA cooking methods here.

Can an AGA run the central heating?

These days the AGA cooker focuses on what it does best - which is being the best cooker in the world so no, an AGA will not run central heating.

A number of years ago we made a separate attached boiler that could run a home's central heating alongside the main AGA cooker. As homes began to require bigger capacity boilers and kitchens themselves were often smaller, we decided to stop producing our boiler to focus on the AGA cooker. That was more than 20 years ago so an AGA has not provided central heating for some considerable time! If required, certain models can still provide background heat into the kitchen- but these days you can also choose not to have that option, should you not feel background heat is desirable in your kitchen.

Should you want to investigate the possibility of a cast iron cooker that runs central heating then our sister brand Rayburn is worth investigating.

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