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Nineteen Fifties: AGA cookers get colourful

A 1950s advertisement from AGAThe 1950s proved to be another successful decade for the AGA. The cookers had established itself at the heart of fine living and sales reached more than 50,000 units per year. Part of this success came from the introduction of a new range of exciting AGA colours. For 34 years the classic AGA had been available only in cream, but in 1956 that all changed. The introduction of the new AGA De Luxe models in pale blue, pale green, grey and white proved hugely popular with AGA enthusiasts. 

All production had moved to Coalbrookdale by 1957, where further new models were being introduced featuring chrome-plated lid domes.

Did you know?

The long-running BBC Radio 4 soap opera 'The Archers' featured an AGA in Doris and Dan Archer's kitchen. Because of the difficulty of recreating the authentic sound of an AGA door, a real AGA door had to be built in to the studio.


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