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A new millennium

2000 AGA Advert

2001 Advert

The iconic 'Iron Age' advertising campaign was rolled out in 2001 and continued in one form or another until 2007. MNC of Hale, Cheshire created the concept and the ads.

To see the full advert download the PDF.

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2007 AGA Advert

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New advertising breaks with the theme of 'At Home with AGA'. Sophie Conran, Alex James and Jasmine Guinness are the first to be photographed for the new campaign.Dotted _line

2008 Love AGA Advert

2008 Love AGA Campaign

The Love AGA campaign was launched, to reunite the 300,000 AGA owners for the 300th anniversary of the foundry at Coalbrookdale.

2009 saw the publication of a large-format gift cookbook called Love AGA. It was a charming and elegant collection of AGA recipes from chefs, celebrities and AGA owners, beautiful photographs, anecdotes and AGA ephemera, featuring personal stories from AGA owners across the globe.

By reconnecting with AGA lovers, we were able to ensure they got the most from their cookers and were able to take advantage of a range of exclusive benefits, including cookery courses, special offers and invitations to anniversary events.

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