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Nineteen Eighties: Introduction of electric night-storage AGA

Microsoft Windows was launched and there was a housing boom, while we introduced the new electric night-storage AGA cooker.Dotted _line

1985 Advert 

1985 AGA Advert

The decade started with an advertising theme of minimal change which had taken place in AGA cookers during the last 80 years.

Mid 1980s saw the launch of the electric AGA and select colours, which led to increased advertising activity.

Dreaming of an AGA, this mildly way out AGA advertisement depicts a dream-like desire for an electric blue AGA cooker. Devised by Cogent Elliott and photographed by Peter Davies of Pershore.

To see the full advert download the PDF.Dotted _line

1987 Advert

1987 AGA AdvertThere were two long editorial-type advertisements this year, which featured in the broadsheet newspapers.

One advertisement majored on Dr Gustaf Dalén as the inventor of the AGA heat-storage cooker, ending with the awareness angle of the new electric night-storage AGA cooker. The Advertising Agency was Cogent Elliott of Solihull.

To see the full advert download the PDF. Dotted _line

1988 Advert

In 1988 a series of three AGA adverts focused on the fuel that the AGA used.Dotted _line

1989 Advert

1989 AGA AdvertWe provided local black and white advertising blocks for their UK Distributors, the space below the advert was for the local Distributor's details and they were used for regional and local press.

To see the full advert download the PDF.

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