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Nineteen Seventies: Period of industrial strife in Britain

1970s Adverts

1970s AGA Advert

Indeed our records are disappointingly short on advertising material for this decade! Help, has anyone out there got any advertisements of AGA range cookers from the 1970s? From old company newsletters we do know that advertising brought in more than 13,000 enquiries in 1979.

To see the full advert download a PDF.Dotted _line

1970s AGA Advert

In the 1970s there were two new advertisements that echoed a nation becoming more mobile with foreign travel and the rise of ethnic restaurants.

'Whatever you cook, you'll cook it better with an AGA.'

Shows the static AGA cooker but the changing food themed upon countries – thoroughly modern!

Whereas the complementary full page advert again takes the theme of entertaining but with emphasis of AGA cookers being available in gas or oil.

To see the full advert download a PDF.



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