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Nineteen Sixties: Saw the introduction of the oil-fired AGA

1964 saw the introduction of the oil-fired AGA heat-storage cooker followed closely by the gas fired model in 1968. High-speed gas had arrived!

At the end of the decade Glynwed acquired Allied Ironfounders and we had a new owner.Dotted _line

1964 Advert

1964 AGA Advert

'A new kid on the block'

This advertisement shows the model OB, the first oil fired AGA heat-storage cooker. Note the different design and squarer dimensions, it was a derivative of the Agathermic (1958-1967). It displays the new AGA logo nameplate on the top left hand door. This model OB was discontinued in 1973.

To see the full advert download the PDF.  Dotted _line

1965 Advert

1965 AGA Advert

The 1965 AGA advertising shows the AGA as a focal point in the smart kitchen with the husband and wife enjoying eating together – very civilised!

To see the full advert download the PDF.




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