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Nineteen Fifties: An emerging nation from war years

Rationing finished in 1954, chain stores and shopping centres began to replace markets and cars began to become a significant part of British life. Britain began to dismantle her Empire and traditional markets were changing.Dotted _line

1951 Modern Advert

1950s AGA AdvertA thoroughly modern approach to an advert, literally stating the obvious 'This is an advertisement. This is an AGA'

The AGA heat-storage cooker is still shown as the complete cooker, full to capacity – a cornucopia of food together with the endearing black cat, which was to feature in AGA adverts and literature for several years. We just love the invitation (?) to write a terse and business-like note for a catalogue!

To see the full advert download the PDF. Dotted _line

1951 Traditional Advert

1950s AGA AdvertA complete contrast from the modern advertisement of the same year. This advertisement captures the traditional AGA stronghold – farming families. The production of food, now rationing was at the end had become very important to the nation. The constant readiness of the AGA heat-storage cooker was a boon for the busy family.

To see the full advert download the PDF.Dotted _line

1952 Advert

1952 AGA AdvertThis delightful advertisement was sent in by Marilyn Crowther, who came across this advertisement, when researching her book on cats, soon to be published. The mother cat is telling her kittens all about the story of the AGA cooker, surely the best education a cat could get!

To see the full advert download the PDF.






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