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Nineteen Thirties: AGA heat storage cookers came to England in 1929 from Sweden

The awareness advertising in the new marketplace was factual, moving toward extolling the low running costs of an AGA heat-storage cooker and the existence of an innovative finance scheme.

Launching a new product in the Depression was a bold venture, but there was also the advance of a new era of innovation and Art Deco reigned supreme with its linear decorative designs evocative of modern technology with curved surfaces and geometric patterns.

A surprising amount of advertising is undertaken in the 1930s, perhaps reflecting changing patterns of ownership and considerable product development.Dotted _line

1932 AGA Advert

1932 Advert 

This early advertisement points out to the reader that 'the AGA cooker is British made'. Bell's Engineering & Asbestos Ltd had become Bell's Heat Appliances, sole licensees and manufacturers in the UK. The AGA cooker was then manufactured in Smethwick, West Midlands.

The virtues of cooking on an AGA cooker are promoted, as are the low running costs of less then £4 a year. The call to action for the advert invites the reader to write in for a 16 page AGA booklet.

Note the Deferred Payments system – an AGA cooker could be installed for an initial sum of £5 10 shillings! Seems like credit is nothing new!

To see the advert in full download the PDF.Dotted _line

1934 Advert

1934 AGA Advert

This advertisement seeks to overcome the 'Can't afford an AGA cooker' belief by pointing out the savings a household could make by buying a new AGA heat-storage cooker and how it could be purchased over one, two or three years. The illustrated brochure has gained eight more pages in two years. The advertisement shows the additional hot cupboard attached.

To see the advert in full download the PDF.Dotted _line

1935 Series of adverts

1935 Series Of AGA Adverts

During 1934, Bell's Heat Appliances was acquired by a newly set up AGA Heat Ltd, which in turn was to be acquired by Allied Ironfounders in 1935.

This set of advertisements, which appeared in Punch in 1935 were rather highbrow, using Greek philosophers to introduce the main benefits of the AGA cooker:

  • A fine cooking stove
  • An object of desire
  • A labour saving
  • A good investment

To see the advert in full download the PDF.

Dotted _line

1938 AGA Advert

1938 Advert

The launch of the new standard model, or the 47/10, because it cost £47 10 shillings featured a coupon response for the reader to fill in and return for 'free, without obligation, illustrated literature'.

The product stands solo without kitchen adornment and inset photographs illustrate the benefits of this heat-storage cooker. Note also that every AGA model has adopted the definition 'cooker' and not 'stove' as previously.

To see the advert in full download the PDF. 


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