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Can I cook during the AGA warm–up in AIMS mode or when the appliance is in low?

This will result in the 'normal' target temperature not being reached at the programmed time, the AIMS unit would then recalculate the warm-up start time thereby bringing the cooker up to temperature early on the next 'normal' event. It will take about 3 cycles before the program would adjust to the correct temperature. Therefore, constantly changing programs or moving the temperature settings or cooking outside the 'normal' events will adversely affect the AIMS memory, with the AIMS unit having to reset and compensate for these changes which will take a number of days.

I want to use the AGA in the morning and again in the evening. What is the best setting in between?

Use the 'low' setting; however, if the gap between the two events is less than 6 hours then it is best not to choose this setting. The AGA is so well insulated that it takes many hours for its stored heat to reduce; therefore it would probably never actually reach the 'low' setting and certainly not the 'slumber'.

How quickly will the AGA cool down?

Due to the efficiency of the insulation you may not feel any perceptible change in the warmth being given off for several hours.

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