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What happens to my AIMS unit in a power cut?

Power cuts for less than 15 minutes should have no effect. Programs are safely stored in the AIMS unit inside the AGA and in the handset. Sometimes it will be necessary to press the 'I' button to handshake or even to carry out a full re-establishment. Remember that the cooker needs electricity to operate, therefore if the power has been off for long periods, then this will affect the warming up time and the AGA may not be ready for the next normal event.

How do I carry out a full re-establishment on my Gas AIMS AGA?

Switch the control knob on the AIMS unit inside the AGA back and forth between manual and AIMS setting until the blue neon flashes. Immediately after the neon starts to flash press and hold the + and - buttons together on the handset until the blue neon goes out completely. (The handset display will briefly say Serial Number) then release the buttons. If the neon does not extinguish completely, but continues to flash with a faint output, then repeat the above procedure. When connection has been made, the screen will display the language options, use the + and - buttons to scroll through the options to the desired language, then press the 'I' button to confirm selection. If the language settings have to be changed the whole procedure will need to be repeated.

How long does it take for the AGA to go from low (200 Deg C) to normal (240 Deg C?)

The AIMS unit has an initial inbuilt memory by which it assumes that it will take 3 ½ hours to achieve normal temperature. Therefore, if you set the normal period to commence at 6.00pm the appliance will start to warm up at 2.30pm. On the very first occasion the appliance is used it will probably arrive late maybe by as much as 45 minutes. AIMS therefore remembers this, so the following day it will start earlier i.e. 3 ½ hrs plus 45 minutes plus 15 minutes just in case. If on this occasion the arrival is early or late, usually just a few minutes, further changes will be made to the memory for the next event. Consequently it could take up the 3 cycles to learn. AIMS then uses this formula for any other days where this same daily routine has been programmed. The AIMS unit will use the same process of calculating the warm up times if different programs are used on different days. So it could take a number of days before the appliance completely learns the entire program settings.

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