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Can my AGA be used with the boiler disconnected?

The AGA must not be used with the boiler disconnected. The boiler will need removing by a qualified AGA technician and adjustment modifications made to the appliance.

Why do I need to leave the AGA on ‘normal’ for 48 hours before using AIMS for the first time?

Every AGA is individual with slightly different characteristics. When the AGA is commissioned the engineer sets the temperature control knob to the approximate position to achieve the correct oven temperatures. You will need to slightly adjust this control knob up or down to achieve the final correct temperature. These adjustments could take about 48hrs before you achieve the correct temperature. The cooker can then be changed over to AIMS.

AIMS has to learn how long it will take to reach the normal temperature that you have preset.

When AIMS is brought into operation for the first time, it might be late arriving for the normal event. On the second day it will compensate for this and may arrive slightly early. By the third day it will have learned the optimum time and remember it for the future.

Can I air my washing on my AGA heat-storage cooker?

Yes. The AGA heat-storage cooker radiates a gentle warmth that dries your clothes beautifully, reducing your reliance on a tumble dryer. To do this, use an airer or clothes horse - be careful never to drape clothes or sheets over the ventilation holes on the burner door.

Another job the AGA cooker makes light work of is ironing items such as folded pillow slips or t-shirts, simply place on the simmering plate cover over night to be 'AGA ironed'.

If you want to learn about the other domestic chores an AGA heat-storage cooker can help you with, visit your dedicated AGA shop.


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