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My cooker had AIMS added after it was installed. Does this affect the guidance points?

No, but the original heat indicator might still be fitted to the front of the AGA and give a conflicting temperature with the handset display.

Always go by the handset as this is the more accurate reading of stored heat.

My AGA was originally oil but has now been upgraded to electricity with AIMS

The AIMS guidance within this FAQ section still remains, but you will notice some changes in the characteristics of the individual cooking zones.

Refer to the heat indicator on the handset rather than the indicator on the cooker (if still fitted).

Do you recommend additives in my oil supply?

AGA recommends the use of Class C2 Kerosene. However, suitability of oil should always be discussed with the fuel supplier. A number of oil suppliers do recommend additives for vaporising appliances. AGA only recommends Total Glomax which should only be used once the tank has been cleaned and flushed prior to its use.

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