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Can I move my AGA cooker?

We recommend that you don't try and move your AGA heat-storage cooker. They're extremely heavy to shift without being dismantled and by doing so you could actually damage the internal components of the range cooker. Not only that, each AGA heat-storage cooker is specially sited within your kitchen with its flue and fuel lines connected, so simply moving it isn't really an option. However, if you do need to move your AGA cooker, please visit your dedicated AGA shop and they will talk you through the process.

It's worth remembering that if you are planning to sell your home, having an AGA cooker in your kitchen may increase the value of your house so it often works out better to leave your old AGA cooker behind and buy a new one when you move.

How do I know when the AGA is ready to use?

Providing you have told AIMS the correct time for the normal event, a glance at the heat indicator on the hand-set should show that the correct amount of stored heat is present.  When you start to cook the indicator will show a drop in stored heat. This is normal and does not reflect the actual cooking temperature. However, it's advisable to have the cooker up to temperature 1 hour before you actually need to use appliance, this is to ensure the cooker has sufficient thermal store.

How do I clean my AGA cooker when it's constantly warm?

The constant warmth of an AGA heat-storage cooker actually makes cleaning much easier. This is because heat is always steadily radiating, carbonising any cooking spills and splashes in the process. That means the hot ovens and hotplates practically clean themselves and only need an occasional brush out.

A daily wipe with a damp cloth should be enough to maintain the shine of your vitreous enamel surfaces. If spills are left, they bake on and are more difficult to remove. In this case, use a recommended AGA cleaning product to easily remove the stain. Cleaning products are available at AGA Cookshop as well as at your dedicated AGA shop.

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