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Can I have a module with my AGA cooker?

An AGA heat-storage cooker can do everything a conventional cooker can do, and better. Of course, at AGA we understand that you have to choose the cooker that best fulfils the demands of your family life. If you have a very busy kitchen and would like the added versatility of additional cooking space, you can choose a matching AGA Module to complement your AGA heat-storage cooker, either freestanding or possibly integrated.

To find out more visit your dedicated AGA shop.

Can I air my washing on my AGA heat-storage cooker?

Yes. The AGA heat-storage cooker radiates a gentle warmth that dries your clothes beautifully, reducing your reliance on a tumble dryer. To do this, use an airer or clothes horse - be careful never to drape clothes or sheets over the ventilation holes on the burner door.

Another job the AGA cooker makes light work of is ironing items such as folded pillow slips or t-shirts, simply place on the simmering plate cover over night to be 'AGA ironed'.

If you want to learn about the other domestic chores an AGA heat-storage cooker can help you with, visit your dedicated AGA shop.


How environmentally friendly are AGA cookers?

Each AGA heat-storage cooker is made in Shropshire, England from 70% reclaimed iron, including old cast-iron cookers, drain covers, old machinery, door fittings etc and, in turn each old AGA is 90% recyclable, meaning you'll never find one on a landfill site.

Most new AGA cookers are now programmable, meaning they work hard when you want them to and slumber when you don't.  The AGA Intelligent Management System (AIMS) is a programmable device that powers down your AGA cooker when you are not using it, ensuring it uses energy responsibly.  It comes as standard with the 13-amp electric models and is an optional extra with most gas fuelled AGA cookers.

As an existing AGA owner why not find out more about retro fitting AIMS* to your AGA and reducing the amount of energy your AGA uses? Visit your local AGA shop to discuss the options.

*Oil models need to be converted to electric to have AIMS fitted.

We're also dedicated to developing more efficient energy sources.  This includes programs using micro-generated electricity such as wind, solar power and heat pumps. 

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