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Important Information about AGA Care

  • AGA Care is a 12-month service and repair plan provided by AGA Rangemaster Limited.
  • AGA Care covers gas, electric and oil AGA heat-storage cookers. Freestanding and Integrated Modules that are no longer in their warranty period can also be covered.
  • Converted or reconditioned AGA range cookers are not eligible for AGA Care.
  • AGA cookers must be in working order at the time of enrolment and remain within economical repair at all times.
  • If your AGA cooker hasn't been serviced by AGA within the recommended service schedule for your appliance – or not at all – your AGA cooker will need to undergo a mandatory health check prior to AGA Care enrolment.
  • Some older models may require burner upgrade work to qualify, and this will be clearly identified during the health check.
  • Service intervals will be set in accordance with AGA recommendations for each fuel type.
  • Monthly charges vary by age and fuel type, and are payable monthly by direct debit only.
  • AGA Care is available in selected postcodes throughout the UK; a small additional premium will be applied to the monthly charges to cover AGA cookers inside the M25.
  • AGA Care is designed to keep the functional aspects of your AGA cooker running and, therefore, does not cover any cosmetic issues.
  • The pre-emptive replacement of parts is entirely at our discretion.
  • AGA Care cover is not transferable to another property or cooker, but may be transferred to a new owner of any property where cover is provided.

The full terms and contions can be found here.

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