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How often should an AGA heat-storage cooker be serviced?

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As with most domestic appliances, AGA cookers require routine servicing and maintenance to ensure they continue to operate safely and efficiently.

  • Gas AGA heat-storage cookers usually require a service every 12 months.
  • 30-amp electric models should be checked for electrical safety and operation every 12 months.
  • 13-amp electric models, including the AGA Total Control and the AGA Dual Control require an interim service every 2 ½ years and a full service every 5 years.
  • Oil AGA cookers should be serviced every 6 months. 3-oven and diesel models may extend to 12 months. Solid fuel models require their internal flueways to be cleaned monthly, with a six-monthly sweeping of the connecting flue pipe. The main chimney should be swept annually.

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Arranging a service

The AGA Service Centre is based at our Telford Headquarters. Our dedicated team of experienced AGA service professionals can be contacted from 8am to 5pm from Monday to Friday.

When arranging a service maintenance visit, please note that your engineer will require the AGA cooker to be cool, so please ensure that it is turned off the night before. A hot cooker cannot be safely serviced.

To book an AGA service please call 0845 602 3015.

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