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AGA Showroom In-Store Event Calender

With a full calendar of events, our AGA showrooms have lots going on throughout the year. Join us each month for our in-store event days where we'll show you just how versatile the AGA cooker is. Grill, Bake, Steam, Boil, Stir-Fry, Simmer, Fry, Roast, Slow-Cook, Griddle, Toast. An AGA can do it all. 

Events, dates and times may vary so please call your local AGA showroom for specific details before you travel.


There's toast and then there's AGa toast

Saturday 25th February

Famous AGA toast is crunchy-on-the-outside and fluffy-in-the-middle. Ask any AGA owner and they'll confirm that AGA toast just tastes better. Plus, it's very easy to make on the boiling plate with an AGA Cookshop toaster.

We'll be cooking toast and fried eggs throughout the day. Pop in-store to taste AGA toast and to learn more about the AGA cooker's hotplates.


National Butchers' Week

Monday 13th – Sunday 19th March

From slow-cooking to fast stir-fries the AGA cooks meat beautifully. It's the AGA cooker's versatility which makes it so special. The cooker's gentle persistent heat helps you to create richer, juicier casseroles and stews, and the boiling plate is ideal for a fast beef stir fry.

To support National Butchers' Week our showrooms will be teaming up with local butchers to show you the best of AGA cooking.



Saturday 15th April

AGA baked cakes are ever-so-moist and perfectly light. It's the AGA cooker's cooking process which means all food is gently cooked from all sides of the oven. What's more, the AGA cooker's oven temperatures are always at exactly the right heat for the job – there's no need to set a temperature, like with a conventional cooker.

Join our showrooms as we get into the Easter spirit by baking our favourite Easter cakes in the baking oven and flatbreads on the simmering plate.



Saturday 6th May – Sunday 14th May

Like a traditional baker's brick oven, the AGA roasting and baking ovens provide all-around consistent radiant heat to create perfectly baked breads. Not to mention, perfectly crisp pizzas which are cooked on the bottom of the roasting oven.

Join us in-store this week to understand just how easy it is to bake bread with an AGA cooker. 


Grill. Bake. Steam. Boil. Stir-fry. Simmer. Fry. Roast. Slow-cook. Griddle. Toast.

An AGA can do it all. If you are unable to join us for our event days, then you may like to join us for an AGA demonstration or a one-to-one.

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