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AGA Cooking has a wide appeal, take a look at some of the most notable owners


Mary 116 X 160

mary berry

"I couldn't be without an AGA. They are brilliant. They are always on, so it tempts you to cook and they keep the house beautifully warmed and aired."

When Mary was a guest on the Chris Evans Breakfast show she said "I love cooking by an AGA, it's lovely to lean against and all of the family want to be there with me."

Mary Berry – TV Chef and Food Writer 

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paul hollYwood

Paul 4"I love the AGA. I love the look. I love the tradition."

Paul Hollywood – TV Chef and Food Writer 

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Ella 116 X 160

ella risbridger

“There is nothing in this world as good and delicious and wholesome as AGA toast.”  

Ella Risbridger – Food Writer 

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Marcus Bean 116X160

marcus bean

“I'm a massive fan of induction. It's such an efficient way to cook. It's great to combine induction with the traditional AGA cooking methods.”  

Marcus Bean – Chef

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Dan Walker 116X160

dan walker

“I love the toasted sandwich making, if it were taken out of my life now, I'd be so sad.”  

Dan Walker – BBC Presenter 

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Galton 116 X 160

Galton blackiston 

“I think an AGA cooks a roast joint better than any other cooker. I don’t know what it is about it, but it does.”  

Galton Blackiston – Chef and Food Writer

Read the exclusive interview with Galton.Dotted _line

Headshot of Marco Pierre White

Marco Pierre White

"It’s a much better way of cooking rather than an open gas or electric hob. In my opinion the AGA cooker is the closest you get to a professional stove. I’ve cooked on an AGA now for 20 years, always at home. But you know something, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have one in a professional kitchen because they’re fantastic things and they are so strong. It’s like having a workhorse next to you."

Marco Pierre White – TV Chef and Food Writer

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Headshot of Daisy Lowe

Daisy Lowe

"My AGA Total Control is very, very lovely. It's easy to use, makes food taste delicious and all in all I'm a very happy bunny. It's great having an AGA Total Control because I can turn it on and off. One of the best things it is that I could stick it in the island because my kitchen isn't very big. But I also go away a lot, so I won't be using energy when I don't need to and that makes me happy."

Daisy Lowe – Model

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Headshot of Mary King

Mary King

“We always eat together, except during the competition season, when Emily and I are away. Then, on a Saturday night, we often do our own thing. But during the week, if we’re not competing, we will always sit together and have supper. I think it’s really important.”

Mary King – Equestrian

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Headshot of Jasmine Guiness

Jasmine Guinness

"An AGA is the heart of the home – it makes life so much easier and warmer."

Jasmine Guinness – Fashion Designer and Model

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Headshot of Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver

"I think the AGA makes people better cooks; they're generally technically better cooks because they understand cooking."

Jamie Oliver – TV Chef and Food WriterDotted _line

Headshot of Gerard Depardieu

Gérard Depardieu

“Cooking with an AGA is fabulous ... and allows for little mistakes. And with an AGA, it is so easy to prepare dinner for 10 and still be around for your guests.”

Gérard Depardieu – Actor

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Headshot of William Sitwell

William Sitwell

"I adore my AGA – it's an integral part of our life. Even if you're not a natural foodie, its gentle warmth entices you to cook. It's a much more natural way of cooking, using different shades of warmth rather than attacking the food with heat in the way a conventional cooker does."

William Sitwell – Food Writer and CriticDotted _line

Sophie Conran

"I've had my wonderful AGA for 25 years. All those clichés are true – it really is the heart of the home." 

Sophie Conran – interior Designer and Food WriterDotted _line

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