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Christine & Michael

Christine is pictured with her AGA

Colour was all-important when Christine was choosing an AGA cooker for her new kitchen.

Christine's AGA is pictured within her home"I didn’t want Black or Cream,” she says. “We liked Pewter, but I really wanted a strong colour. When I saw Aubergine, I realised it would fit in perfectly and it’s a colour I really enjoy.”

Christine and Michael share their home with their huge Airedale Terrier – an ex-show dog they adopted at three-and-ahalf and who is also, oddly called Michael, but as Christine says, “he was too old for a name change".

“About 20 years ago," she says, "we had a British Racing Green AGA cooker, which ran on oil, but now we have a 5-oven Total Control. Our kitchen is quite big and, although there’s a small radiator, we really like having an AGA cooker to keep the chill off.

Christine's Dog is pictured by the AGA“I cook all sorts: roasts, soups, breads. I made a celebration cake and used the slow cooking oven. I left it in for five and half hours. It was great. I also have a passion for bread and am really pleased with the results. Plus, the ambient temperature in the room is perfect for proving dough.

“I say it every week – I really do love my AGA,” Christine says, taking a freshly baked cake from the baking oven.

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