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Caroline Wiseman

Caroline is pictured with her AGA

Caroline Wiseman and her partner Francis Carnwath, run an artists' retreat in Aldeburgh, Suffolk. "I was out swimming when I saw the house was for sale. I wanted to create a place where artists could be inspired," she explains.

Caroline and her partner invite artists to stay and create works of art for one week, with an exhibition held every Saturday.

"Peter Blake made our first work of art," says Caroline, "he created a wonderful piece from flotsam and jetsam he'd collected on the beach.

"We had some artist cooks for a residency. They went out foraging and collected wild samphire and seaside herbs, including a delicious one called Fat-hen. Then they made a lovely soup with it all on the AGA."

Caroline believes that her AGA really makes the kitchen. "People walk in and say 'Wow! Look at that!' I've always cooked on an AGA. I have had this one for 25 years and I do love it.

"I cook simple things. The AGA makes entertaining really easy. I'm always suddenly popping something in the AGA – soups, casseroles, roasted vegetables. I've got 16 people coming this weekend and I'm planning to make some fresh fish cakes." Caroline says that she has her AGA cooker on "all year round".


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